Socialism's Comeback

With all the buzz generated by speculation about the Obama administration's left-leaning plans, the idea of U.S.-brand corporate capitalism being supplanted by socialist-like policies is tantalizing. How realistic it is remains to be seen. Neil Clark's article, Socialism's Comeback, talks about socialism's rise in Europe, despite claims to the contrary.

At the beginning of the century, the chances of socialism making a return looked close to zero. Yet now, all around Europe, the red flag is flying again. ...

Make no mistake, socialism - pure, unadulterated socialism, an ideology that was taken for dead by liberal capitalists - is making a strong comeback. Across the continent, there is a definite trend in which long-established parties of the centre left that bought in to globalisation and neoliberalism are seeing their electoral dominance challenged by unequivocally socialist parties which have not.

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  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Is Obama a socialist?!? Undoubtedly not, although we can still hope that his policies and actions will come with a greater sense of compassion for the less privileged people of the world.


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