International Women's Day

So far, 63 countries have hosted 981 events in celebration of International Women's Day, according to the IWD website. Although calendars marked March 8 as the official Women's Day, events, protests, and celebrations are occuring throughout the month.

For instance, in Brazil, members of Via Campesina and the Landless Workers' Movement gathered to protest the practices of multinational agribusiness, in particular the environmental destruction caused by mono-cropping of ecualyptus in Rio Grande do Sul. Overall, eight Brazilian states saw protests so far this month. Read the entire article at ZNet.

In the U.S., one out of many protests took place in Philadelphia, PA, where women and men of all ages gathered in front of the Department of Human Services to protest the agency's discriminatory policies. Protesters allege the agency too frequently mistakes "poverty for neglect, and trauma caused by domestic violence as evidence of poor mothering." Read the entire article at Philadelphia Independent Media Center.

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