B is for Beer & Y is for Yay!

With a lull in posting tied to the insanely busy schedule of graduate school, we would like to offer a little tidbit that we find exciting. Coming somewhat under the radar, Tom Robbins has just had a new book released titled B is for Beer: A Children's Book for Grown-ups, A Grown-up Book for Children. Appropriately, that's just what it is. At first a tad disappointed that this is not a new full-length offering from Robbins, B is for Beer is still a humorous snippet from the mind of a most entertaining and insightful author. And really, what could be bad about a combination of beer and Tom Robbins? The short story is written as if it was to be read by and is being read by a grandfather, and relates the adventures of a young girl from Seattle (where else?) with a crazy uncle, troubled parents, and a grand sense of adventure, evidenced by her beer guzzling and educational trip with the Beer Fairy. Sound absurd? Robbins encourages you to read on: 
Now, kids, if that grandpa of yours hasn't given up and wandered off to watch a ball game on TV, he may well be skipping over this part of the story, believing that you couldn't possibly relate to all this stuff about the Fifth Element, about the Mystery, about magic, ancient grain spirits, and so forth...
He's wrong, isn't he?
Short, but certainly not disappointing, B is for Beer offers a nice respite from the rigors of daily life at the beginning of a new summer. Crack open a cold one, sit down with your children, and have a read. You'll be wanting more beer and Robbins in no time. 
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  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I love Tom Robbins. Can't wait to read this latest adventure!

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    He needs to write a new novel!


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