The Secret Life of Plants...Via Cell Phone

Simply for the fun of letting your mind wander to all the possible implications, read this recent Discovery News article about text messaging plants. Putting old technology developed by NASA to new uses, scientists have created small microchips that farmers may place on the leaves of plants. When the plants are thirsty, they simply send a text message to their farmer.

Of course, the practical significance of this technology outweighs its sci-fi quality. The chip is merely a sensor that is wired to a power source that transmits signals via cell phone towers. Nevertheless, proponents hope that giving plants the ability to text message will save farmers thousands of dollars a year and increase sustainability.

Read the entire article at Discovery News or Tree Hugger
Image: Discovery News
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  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    This is crazy - what an amazing concept! I wonder if there's a backup though, because if the chip fails for some reason, the plants don't get water.


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