Reimagining Society Project

I just came across this active project going on over on Zmag's site. A number of renowned scholars from around the globe have been asked to participate in the project through writings, dialogue and continued participation over time. The list of participants is quite impressive, and includes scholars, activists, journalists, filmmakers, artists and more. We haven't had a chance to read much of what's up at this point, but felt it was a really interesting project to share with our readers. Visit and explore from the homepage - and here's the introductory blurb from the purpose page:

The goals of the Reimagining Society Project are:

      • To explore ideas about long term vision and related long and short term strategy and program with the hope of reaching agreements and/or clarifying persisting differences

      • To develop a basis for working together

      • To facilitate joint projects and shared vision/strategy

      • To generate enough agreement to initiate continuing and/or enlarging group connections

      • To display all related essays, proposals, explorations, debates, etc., in ways aimed to incorporate ever wider circles of activists in the collective process of arriving at shared vision and strategy, and then acting on it.
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