Hondurans Stripped of Constitutional Rights

From RealNews: Now under martial law, the people of Honduras are experiencing a radical loss of freedoms as the widely condemned interim coup government continues to try to control protests and the flow of information. According to Dr Luther Castillo:
Honduras is under martial law as executive decree PCM-M-016-2009 has suspended numerous constitutional freedoms including: personal freedom, the right to free thought, the right to organize and meet, the right to free movement, freedom of the press, rights to privacy in one's own home, and protection against arbitrary detentions. The coup regime has routinely infringed these rights throughout the past three months, but it used the current decree to mobilize the military to shut down all anti-coup media outlets, thus eliminating any news of the resistance from the media. As filmmaker and resistance member Oscar Estrada writes, "it's like we never existed."
U.S. officials continue to blame President Zelaya and his decision to return to the country last weekend for these new crackdowns, calling Zelaya "irresponsible". This, while the military continues violent crackdowns enforcing curfews. Interestingly, if you watch the video below for the footage of Honduran soldiers marching toward protesters, they look alarmingly like the police lines breaking up protests at the G20 protests in Pittsburgh last week.

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  1. How exactly can one's "right to free thought" be suspended?


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