In Honor of the Food (System)

On this day of traditional thanks-giving in the US, we thought a post on food would be fitting - and we'll keep it short. It seems appropriate that on a day when people across the US are eating some of the hundreds of thousands of turkeys slaughtered for this yearly family-centered meal, we should offer this short video that reminds us that all is not well with the food we eat and the system that produces it. Check out this fun video from USC Canada that details many of the issues:

So give thanks for the food you enjoy today, but remember, the urgency of the problems associated with the world food system make it likely that fewer and fewer people will be able to enjoy such meals in the years to come - and most can't even enjoy such meals today!
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  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    You're so right about the urgency of the problem -- and how many people it's affecting now.
    The holiday just seems so gluttonous.

  2. Oh right, that's why I've let Green Gurus fall by the way side: All of this so terribly depressing.

    I've shut myself down to a lot of this, I still shop as consciously as I can but tend to narrow my focus outside of that.

    Watching this only drives home further where we're at and headed to.


  3. sorry to be so depressing! it's just that there are still too many people ignoring all this stuff - which i guess is depressing in and of itself.
    ah well...


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