The Senselessness of War: Caught on Film

Today we share a video clip that was released yesterday (Tuesday 4-5-2010) on "WikiLeaks" that shows the 2007 massacre of 12 Iraqi civilians along with 2 Reuters News employees. The video has received some attention from a number of alternative news sites, but virtually nothing from any of the major news agencies. We feel this is the type of footage that people need to see if we are ever going to be able to move towards being a nation that does not engage in war - especially wars with imperialistic ends.

Amy Goodman played clips today on Democracy Now, and then interviewed Julian Assange, the co-founder of WikiLeaks. After explaining the confusion of the US soldiers who thought the civilians might be armed, Assange explains further why it is vital that footage like this is made public:

"What’s important to remember is that every step that the Apache takes in opening fire is authorized. It does pause before shooting. It explains the situation, sometimes exaggerating a little to its commanders, and gets authorized permission.

These are not bad apples. This is standard practice. You can hear it from the tones of the voices of the pilots that this is in fact another day at the office. These pilots have evidently, and gunners have evidently become so corrupted, morally corrupted, by the war that they are looking for excuses to kill. That is why you hear this segment, “Come on, buddy! Just pick up a weapon.” They just want an excuse to kill."

This and other videos like it make it clear that we as human beings need to rethink why it is that we continue to subject others to senseless and barbaric violence. I, for one, know that this is not the type of world I want to be a part of. If you haven't seen the footage, watch it below - but be warned that it is quite violent.

You can also find a longer complete version at
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  1. This is crazy...I can't believe it is being ignored by major outlets, you'd think someone would have picked up on it.

  2. Just from reading the textin the beginning of this video tells me this is a great post. It is so obvious that America has the power to twist what is happening in Iraq as they're the only ones on our side with the first hand info. Sucks but this video should be carried by the news, lets spread these lies and deceits!


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