Links Friday!

Check out some of these interesting and poignant stories that we found over the last week:

From National Geographic: The Gulf Oil Spill could last for years, and we have no idea how to stop it. Plus, why the Gulf Coast should prepare for the worst is explained. Read the story here>>>

From, the Big Picture: a photo essay of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. If you're familiar with the Big Picture, you know these photos will be touching (the above photo is an example - dolphins swimming through oily water off the coast of Louisiana). If you haven't seen their photo essays before, check out this one, and then go look for more - they're usually amazing. See more photos here>>>

From NBC comes this story about a Native American tribe from Louisiana, the Huoma, reeling from the effects of not only the recent Gulf Oil Spill, but also decades of marginalization. Read the story here>>>

If you haven't heard about the Student Strike occurring in Puerto Rico, you have to check it out. This piece from the explains the background of the strike and details its wider effects. Read the story here>>>

From Better Health: The effects of "the Pill" on women's sexuality - recent studies suggest the use hormonal birth control raises the risk of sexual dysfunction. Read the story here >>>

From the East Bay Express: an interesting article on hunger in the U.S. - how the government defines it, the effects of the economic downturn, and how extensive hunger actually is. Also comes with an associated photo essay. Read the story here>>>

Picture of the Gulf Oil Spill from the Big Picture
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  1. What an absolutely disturbing picture. All I can think about this spill, and I know there are plenty of economic/tourist effects, is the impact it will have on the environment. I think we'll need to prepare ourselves for many more awful stories and pictures like this.


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