Follow the Lifecycle of the Majestic Plastic Bag

At once amusing and disturbing, this mockumentary follows the plastic bag from the cement jungle to the "wild" urban river and all the way to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We've posted on the floating island twice the size of Texas before, as well as the reported plastic island that is now growing in the Atlantic.

If you're in California, check out, where they're working to get legislation passed to ban the use of plastic bags. If you're elsewhere, consider urging your local businesses to start replacing the oil-based plastic bags that are so common with bags that can be composted or reused - like biobags or some of the products from reuseit. With hundreds of billions of one-use oil-based plastic bags used by people each year, this remains an important issue on which we may want to consider taking action.

Enjoy the short film...

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  1. Enjoy wouldn't be the right word for that film. Well made yes, depressing as hell. Whole foods gave me money back the other day because I didn't take a bag. Places need to offer alternatives to the plastic bag so that they don't continue to wind up in the water.

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

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