The Importance of Mumia

It must be seen as amazing that despite years of sitting on death row in a Pennsylvania prison, Mumia Abu Jamal has managed to maintain a public voice, to speak out for the disenfranchised, and remain remarkably relevant in the rapidly changing meme-based times of the internet. An activist and journalist from Philadelphia, wrongly convicted of the murder of a police officer, Mumia has continued reporting on world events primarily through the tireless efforts of Prison Radio. A recent example of Mumia's work was shared on Z-Space, which posted a speech given by Mumia to the International Anti-Repression Congress on October 8-10, 2010 in Hamburg, Germany. Here are some excerpts:
"We have seemingly forgotten, it seems, the fundamental nature of the state, as held by Marx and Engels over 100 years ago in The Communist Manifesto, where the state is described as but “the executive committee” of the bourgeoisie. As such, there are hardly limits to the repression it will utilize to serve the rulers, especially in the stark absence of an effective counter-force. That force must be—must be—an organized, resistant people, who will fight for another way; a way out of the trap of the state — as presently conceived."
Speaking of neoliberalism, Mumia states:
"Societal resources are mobilized to attack foreign subjects (usually in the so-called developing world) while denying social services to the domestic population, like healthcare, education, housing and other such necessities.Indeed, the very notion of “social” is attacked by the rulers, and their corporate media, as the business model is raised and reified as the only reasonable structure upon which society is organized."

We have uploaded the speech to our Scribd library for you to read in its entirety, and to see this one example of how Mumia is able to speak clearly to a wide audience and send a positive message of hope for humanity. An internet search will provide a number of interesting and prescient works from Mumia, all of which make it clear that he is an important voice needed in this world.

This Tuesday, November 9th, Mumia's case comes up before the "Third Circuit Court to decide between removing the stay on Mumia’s death sentence, or ordering a new hearing to decide between a new death sentence, or life in prison without the possibility of parole. These are the only two possible outcomes in the courts at this time. The US Supreme Court has pre-arranged the Nov 9th hearing to make an immediate reinstatement of Mumia’s death sentence the likely outcome." There are demonstrations taking place around the globe that need your support. Check out Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle for more information, and show your support for Mumia!

Thanks for the photo from Prison Radio
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  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I never heard of him until about 1998 when I worked in a community art organization and one of of the youths in our program did a 5' x 8' canvas on "free Mumia". Wish I had a photo of it to share...


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