Japanese Music in Belize

by douglas reeser on 7.15.2011

I recently had the pleasure of attending a special "Sushi Night" at Earth Runnin's Bukut Bar in Punta Gorda, Belize. It was definitely the first ever sushi night at Earth Runnin's, and we think it was probably the first ever in Punta Gorda.

There are a number of volunteers here from JICA, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, a Peace Corps-like organization based in Japan. Volunteers are in Belize working on a variety of projects for varying lengths of time. For instance, two people I met have been here for two years teaching computer technology in the primary school. Others are volunteering with the Belize Ministry of Health, working on vector control, specifically documenting chagas disease.

On this night at Earth Runnin's, a bunch of JICA volunteers rented out the kitchen to prepare a number of Japanese noodle dishes and sushi rolls. Giovani, the owner of the restaurant, bought some fresh caught mackerel, and served sashimi. Two girls came in traditional garb from Japan, and one, Gumi, brought a Shamisen - a traditional Japanese guitar - and played and sang for those of us lucky to be there.

Check out this video, unusual largely because it was filmed in southern Belize!

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