First Friday Picture Show: the Food of Tender Branson

This month's Picture Show comes from Tender Branson, whose website,, is a must-read! Says Tender about his passion for cooking and music:
"When I was a kid I attended my aunt’s wedding. All I noticed was the food and music. Those junior high dances? Food and music. Birthday parties? Food and music. Social gatherings? Food and music. Activisim opportunites? Food and music. So it was only natural that when I felt the need to start a blog I combined the two things that have been constants in my life.
"The original intention of Write.Click.Cook.Listen was for me to create a recipe and attach music to it. Throughout the years it has expanded to include band submitted recipes, artist interviews, songs about food, food themed playlists, food politics and restaurant reviews. No matter which direction the blog goes in, the same two interests remain at the heart of it. Food and music."
Because of the popularity of the Recycled Minds Picture Show, we will be posting new shows every First Friday. Stay tuned for November's, and, in the meantime, enjoy Tender Branson's delicious photos!
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  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Love these new slideshows! You guys are offering up some great pics!

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Delicious looking.

  3. Thanks for the props.

  4. No problem Tender - thanks for the photos! And keep putting out those great recipes and playlists!


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