Lynchian Coffee

by douglas reeser on January 30, 2012
I got hooked on the work of David Lynch back in the mid-90s when I began watching re-broadcasts of Twin Peaks on Bravo. Eraserhead was crazy, Blue Velvet amazing, and Twin Peaks still has me wishing it was picked up for more than two seasons. We haven't seen a Lynch film in five years, but he has been active - making art, music, and apparently starting a new coffee company.

Darkness. Flashes of light. A cup of espresso. A woman. Oh yeah.

This is David Lynch... and it's organic!

Comes with a great tagline too: "It's all about the beans... and I'm full of beans."

This isn't Lynch's first commercial - two years ago we shared his advertising genius by promoting a perfume by Dior with a 16 minute film. Check it out here >>>
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  1. You can say that again about Eraserhead. Haven't seen a lot of his other stuff but I have seen that one.

  2. Anonymous5:26 AM

    This just has to be potent stuff.


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