First Friday Picture Show: Lake Atitlán by Jedi Wright.

Happy March everybody! This month's First Friday Picture Show comes to us from Jedi Wright. Jed is an Internet entrepreneur and Information Architect and has been studying and working professionally in the information technology, multimedia, event production, and environmental fields since 1993. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where he works as an information architect and is fully immersed in the Information Architecture (IA), User Interface (U/I), User Experience (U/X) disciplines and how they intersect with social values and sustainable practices. In his spare time, if not working on one of his other entrepreneurial pursuits, he is very actively involved with raising his son. Visit for more about his work and interests.

About the photos, Jed explains: "In June of 2007, I was fortunate enough to tag along with a group of friends (quite accomplished backpackers, travelers, etc.) to Guatemala for my first, truly international travel experience. Latin America was certainly at the top of my list and I was excited to get out of the States for a few weeks and soak up some local culture.

"My travels were mostly dictated by the group I was with, which was fine by me, as I speak barely a lick of any language but my native American-English. Without having to concern myself with most travel arrangements and negotiations, I was able to sit back and study the local culture's cuisine, architecture, landscapes, and whatever else caught my eye. Here then is my first of many sets, sampling my time at Lake Atitlán, where I primarily hung out around San Marcos and San Juan."

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  1. Nice pictures! I especially like your eye for the sky in some of them!

  2. Thanks Jane! Not my best by far from that trip, but since there are so many and I am hoping to come back to do more, wanted to share various highlights chronologically.

    It's such an amazing place and was truly thankful for the opportunity to have traveled there.

  3. jake a.10:08 PM

    what a magical place!

  4. I was fortunate enough to visit here last year. These photos bring back some memories, and make me hope that I can visit and explore the area again. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It really was magical there. I recall hearing someone state that it was/is an 8th wonder of the world. Not sure about the validity of that claim, but it most certainly was beautiful and relaxing!


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