Mister Rogers & the Garden of Your Mind

I grew up with Mister Rogers, and his show always held a fond place in my heart. This great video by Symphony of Science's John Boswell helps explain why!

Did you ever grow anything... In the garden of your mind....?!

It's really strange how this video pulls at some strings for someone who watch the show as a youth. And it's such a stark contrast to the programing on tv today.
"Did you ever see a cat's eyes in the dark, and wonder what they were? Did you ever grow anything, in the garden of your mind? It's good to be curious... about many things. You can grow ideas... in the garden of your mind. All you have to do is think, and they'll grow..."
You can download the mp3 of the song here >>>

Mr McFeely... I didn't order any whistles...
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  1. remixed haha X> it's so good... wish i watched that when young... the simile for growing something in your mind's garden makes 'thinking' look much more fun :>

  2. This is awesome!

  3. Excellent point about today's broadcasting. Totally agree that it is a stark contrast. Pretty awesome remix.


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