First Friday Picture Show: Farmer's Bounty by Wayne Miller

It's the dog days of summer in the northeast, and the only relief from the blazing sun are thoughts of ripe vegetables fresh from the farm. In honor of these summer treats, our July Picture Show comes by way of the rural southeastern Pennsylvania countryside, where Wayne Miller shows us some of the bounty from his farm. Epic Acre Farm is a new patch of chemical-free vegetables located in the mountainous hills overlooking the Oley Valley of Berks County, Pennsylvania. Focusing on gourmet salad greens, heirloom variety vegetables, and various Carribbean "seasoning" peppers, this small farm sells locally at the Saucon Valley Market in Hellertown, PA, as well as to regional restaurants. Wayne Miller was the long time co-manager of Tim Stark's Eckerton Hill Farm and has recently started growing for himself on land that is part of his house property. He hopes to continue the tradition of excellent, homegrown-style growing he mastered at Eckerton Hill. If the beautiful Oley Valley is past your roaming area, you can also check out Epic Acre on Facebook. For now, enjoy the show!

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  1. oh... veggie heaven :> :>

  2. Lovely shoots. What is that mushroom? I have never seen one like that?

    1. Anonymous10:48 PM

      To me they look like they might be Amanita Muscaria or a related variety. Not sure that they grow in Pennsylvania though.

  3. Veggies look beautiful from every angle.

  4. John J.10:45 PM

    I'm enjoying the food related posts that seem to becoming more common - and the pictures are great as usual!


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