First Friday Picture Show: Mr Macaque Visits Guam

Mr. Macaque, a distant cousin to the infamous Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay, has long enjoyed frolicking about enjoying his freedom.  Born in captivity somewhere in Florida, he currently resides with his wife, Sassy, on the beautiful island of Guam.  Sassy is a doctoral candidate in anthropology, in Guam working on health-related research.  When he's not monkeying around, Mr. Macaque works for an on-island medical clinic doing medical information systems work.  In their spare time the lovely couple enjoys hiking, snorkeling, and fishing.  This is the first time Mr. Macaque has shown his photos to the public, and while he was in charge of choosing these scenic photos, Sassy, naturally, put her two cents in as well. Enjoy!

~ Sea View, Guam ~ 
Looking north on the coast, from atop a cliff that was once a Spanish fort.
Photo by Mr Macaque.
~ Bread Fruit ~
 These trees and their wonderful fruit are found all over the Pacific Islands.  Their preparation 
depends on each specific island.  Pohnpeins like to bbq them whole, while the Chuukese like to 
let them ferment in the ground until the flesh becomes the consistency of a runny cheese. 
Photo by Mr Macaque.
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  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Beautiful photos! Love the night shot.

  2. KarenD4:19 PM

    Love these pictures! Mr Macaque lives on....

  3. This monkey sure does get around!! Keeping the dream alive....

  4. Hilarious that he included a shot of what appear to be bananas. Beautiful scenery with the hills and ocean.


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