First Friday Picture Show: Papua New Guinea by Alan Maschek

by Alan Maschek on Friday, November 2, 2012
~ Picture #8 ~
Young boys play rugby alongside the big field. The girls tease them as they play.
photo by Alan Mashcek.    

Last November I found myself lucky enough to travel to Papua New Guinea for field research in the Coral Sea. I wouldn’t say that I visited Papua New Guinea having only stayed in the city of Port Moresby for a few days, but I did get to drive around the city, visit the university campus and watch a rugby game between local teams.

Alan Maschek is a chemist working on marine natural products.

~ Picture #11 ~
Another handsome kid hangs out.
photo by Alan Maschek.

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  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    very nice. my favorite is the last one of the boats, but i really like all of them -- especially when the billboards are background for the action in the forefront.

  2. Good pics, I think you capture some of these children especially well. They are so expressive and interesting. Looks like an interesting place.

  3. I like the shot with the boats too, and the children are magical! Don't quite get restaurant though.


  4. Thanks. It was a really calm morning when we left the harbor and made for especially cool viewing of all the boats.

    p.s. They were (evidently) very proud of that restaurant.


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