First Friday Picture Show: Thorns & Sand: Exploring Southern Puerto Rico

~ Thorns & Sand 16 ~
photograph by Federico Cintrón Moscoso
Recycled Minds Picture Show
by Federico Cintrón Moscoso on January 4, 2013
Our first Picture show of 2013 presents an amazing set of photos from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. OJOxOJO (Eye for an Eye) is a visual project developed by anthropologist Federico Cintrón-Moscoso. It represents the conversation that occurs when the audience's and the photographer's point of view meet over the photograph. In this collection the author invites you to explore the particular thorny and dry environment of southern Puerto Rico, one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the planet. In particular, these pictures where taken around Guanica's Dry Forest and Caja de Muertos (Dead People's Coffin).
You can see more of Federico's projects and ideas at Cultura de Papel

~ Thorn & Sand 6 ~
photograph by Federico Cintrón Moscoso
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Thorns & Sands 16Thorns & Sands 1Thorns & Sands 2Thorns & Sands 3Thorns & Sands 4Thorns & Sands 5
Thorns & Sands 6Thorns & Sands 7Thorns & Sands 8Thorns & Sands 9Thorns & Sands 10Thorns & Sands 11
Thorns & Sands 12Thorns & Sands 13Thorns & Sands 14Thorns & Sands 15Thorns & Sands 17Thorns & Sands 18
Thorns & Sands 19

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  1. wow! Breathtaking! What a beautiful place. Love the concept and the photos.

  2. Mike Jones9:46 AM

    wow! great photos this month!

  3. puerto requena8:04 PM

    Love these pictures from the island!

  4. The conversation that occurred in my mind had to do with the surprise that such dry beauty and cacti exist in Puerto Rico. The natural world is an amazing thing, and there is so much out there to keep us constantly surprised. Thank you.


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