First Friday Picture Show: Collected Works by Rachel Moore

"Abstract Wetscape 6" by Rachel Moore

Recycled Minds Picture Show
by Rachel Moore on March 1, 2013 
This month's Picture Show features the paintings of Philadelphia artist Rachel Moore.

"I am a third generation artist, born and raised in Philadelphia. Most of my work has been within the abstract realm of oil painting, but I have dabbled all around from glass blowing to machine embroidery. My explorations in other mediums have been very important, some winning my interest for a year or two, but I always come back to painting."

"Pear Tree" by Rachel Moore
 "The subject of my work over the past decade has been the push and pull of the natural and the artificial. Some pieces are more abstract than others, but my process always begins with action painting. My job is then to fight those original marks down to something more organized. Sometimes it gets too tidy and I have to rough it up a bit. The process itself is a demonstration of the subject; the natural effects of gravity and bleeding versus the action of my brush and the image I have planned. Once I get started, I am fueled by curiosity to see what will emerge."

Visit Rachel online at and read an interview with her at

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  1. Excellent!

  2. beautiful paintings

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Really cool artwork. I especially like "one fish" and "corkscrew willow"

    The picture shows continue to impress!

  4. Mitch1:53 PM

    wow! There is some beautiful work here. How big are these? Are they all as large as the last painting with the artist?

  5. Claire3:30 PM

    Lovely work.


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