First Friday Picture Show: Lavender Grid Installations by Greg Patch

Recycled Minds Picture Show
by Greg Patch on August 2, 2013
~ dune installation ~ 
Our August Picture Show features the unique work of Greg Patch. Greg is an artist and a traditional herbalist whose paintings portray the earth, the unconscious, and the one-ness of all life. His commitment to restoring the planet and its supported life to its natural balance is reflected in his work with individuals as a natural healer, in the environmental themes of his artwork, and in the non-toxic medium which is integral to the meaning of the finished work.

~ Green Wall Installation ~
Greg was introduced to art during the 1960s era of anti-establishment and high ideals. Studying in New Mexico and New York, Greg’s work evolved through a web of inquisitive explorations of the world surrounding him and of time and space through traditional landscape painting and social "happenings."

In his early experiences working for sculptors Willard Boepple and Robert Schuler, Patch was influenced by the texture, shape, and diversity of these internationally acclaimed artists' work. Influenced by alternative culture, Sacred Healing Arts and the study of indigenous cultures, the artist accomplishes a melding of 1960s idealism with traditional and futuristic science. In his work, Patch explores social movements with a naturalistic and simple style and method.

He continues to integrate and express movement in space with texture, as well as his medium, subject, approach, and holistic lifestyle.

Greg Patch is an artist whose work has continued to evolve, starting with his charcoal sketches and morphing to abstract expressionistic landscapes and figure studies. He continues to play with texture, shape, line and color, as well as with the relationship they hold with one another. He melds alternative healing practices with the use of non-toxic and recycled material with abstract expressionist roots. The artist has woven techniques to express rich textures, while expressing socio-environmental statements in his work and the mediums he chooses.

You can view more of Greg's work at two sites on the web: and

Lavender Grid Installation

Materials list: bamboo, earth pigment, eco-friendly, Environmental Art, grid, harmony, healing, plant energetics, recycled materials, seasonal energetics, sustainable art, symbolism, weave, webh

The structured piece is adaptable to many spaces. Considered with its materials, the space it is involved with, and an acknowledgment of its permanence, it is relevant with one form in separate or contrasting environments in separate or contrasting time spans. Laid flat outstretched the piece measures 56" x 64".

~ Azalea Installation ~ 
This photo sketch is with "lavender trimmings webh" embedded within an Azalea bush. At this angle it is slightly foreshadowed by a second bush. I placed the work slightly in the gulf formed by the two adjoining Azalea bushes.

~ Exterior with Palmate Installation ~
 ~ Long Needle Pine Installment ~
May, or April, Every Day Be Happy Earth Day... These sculptural pieces relate, to a great extent, to my returning to my early roots of making art, working as an apprentice to Willard Boepple at the Utica Boatworks in Utica, NY in the mid 1970s. At the time, Willard was working with corten steel. This experience was made available to me as I was finishing as a student in an alternative art educational foundational program at Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute of Art in Utica. Many thanks go out to Willard, my teachers and my experience there.
~ Interior Mantel Installation ~
~ Snow's Cut Installation ~
Snow's Cut is a section of the East Coast's Intracoastal Waterway between Wilmington NC and Carolina Beach, NC.

~ Shadow Grid Installation ~
~ Wave Installation ~
~ Endings Installation ~
Finally, Greg would like to share the following video of the Wave Installation for your additional enjoyment!

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  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    A strange show this month. Different. Weird. Still, it's artistic, and I have to say I like it. Somehow it makes me think, or contemplate. Cool show!

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Interesting work. I like the non-permanence of it.

  3. thanks Anonymous(s)! and Thanks "recycled minds" for the exposure!


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