First Friday Picture Show: Contemplative Abstractionism by Denise McKellick

Recycled Minds Picture Show
by Denise McKellick on December 6, 2013

Our December Picture Show features the mixed-media work of Philadelphia artist, musician, and poet, Denise McKellick. In her paintings she plays with the concept of conveying feelings and emotions through random objects and abstraction relying heavily on shape and color. Through photography she explores society's need to document our own lives through social media  in images resulting from capturing brief, beautiful moments in time that would have gone unnoticed if not for the need to document.

 Enjoy the rest of the show!

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  1. Anonymous12:04 PM


  2. What a tremendous show! Her work goes from haunting and unnerving to gentle and playful within a single stroke. She has a staggering command over her many mediums. I'm in love!

  3. James3:43 PM

    I especially like the piece that says "breathe" - thanks for sharing!

  4. Just amazing. I love this work.

    1. I was so moved, I spelled my own name wrong!!


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