First Friday Picture Show: Born Under a Bad Sign ~ Paintings by Kevin Margitich

Recycled Minds Picture Show
by Kevin Margitich on January 3, 2014

"Born from Lions" 24" x 24"
 As curator of the Recycled Minds Picture Show and an artist, I never planned to show my work on the site. This is the second time, though, and this time, the following paintings also comprise my December exhibit at Bogart Court in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I titled this show Born Under a Bad Sign. It may seem like an unlikely title to those close to me since my son was born this past year.

Animal heads, arrows, skulls, hex signs, sketches, silhouettes, bird nests. This exhibit talks about myth and folklore, birth and death, and family. That is my description of this body of work. The artwork is very minimal. I tend to paint a single object with no background other than a single color or a backdrop of stained wood. The titles of each piece are usually lines from my favorite books or album titles. Over the years, I have said that there is no hidden agenda in my work. I paint the hunted animal in fragile states. These images are simply what I find beautiful in the world.

Happy New Year!

"Sorrow Floats" 16" x 30"
"Witch Hunt" 6" x 6"
"A Few More Steps to Freedom" 12" x 6"

"A Plot Begins to Take Shape" 18" x 18"
"August 15th" 18"x 18"
"Bed Sharing" 8" x 8"
"Lurking Optimism" 24" x 10"
"May 13th" 24" x 6"
"Rabbit, Run" 6" x 6"
"The 2nd Field" 6" x 6"
"The Brother" 12" x 18"
"The Calm" 12" x 6"
"The Promise of Sleep" 10" x 16"
"Traveling Man" 18" x 18"
"Whiskey Rebellion" 12" x 24"
You can find me online at My Animal Revolution.
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  1. Very cool. Would be even cooler to see these in a show with others at the Brinton Lodge!


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