taming the wild human

by d00g on March 27, 2016
I was reading a short essay by Brian Doyle in the Sun magazine in which he described language as something wild, made of the natural world, something living, and with an awareness of its own. It lead me to thinking about the wild and its relationship with me - with us humans. The Wild. The wild within us humans. The idea of the wild part of ourselves - the animal, the natural, the other - made me consider where that wild is within me, and how it's so easy to be lost in the day to day of our lives that we allow ourselves to overlook that integral part of ourselves. The wild...


and really, what else can there be....?
but the start and finish.
beginnings and ends are actually a false duality. the start and the finish are not mutually exclusive. therefor something can start, and no other change is needed. something can end, and no other change is needed. the start of things continues the evolution of who we are as beings. as do the ends of things. ends and beginnings occur at any time and are ongoing.