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Welcome to the Recycled Minds Picture Show! Here you can find each of our First Friday Picture Shows as well as some pictures from us, and some pictures from you. Politics, art, critique, laughs and more! Peruse the pictures and enjoy the show!

We'll give credit when it's due, please do the same. Enjoy!
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Art with a Conscience by Cassandra Tondro. November 2013

2o Miles Around Shoholoa, Part II by Jonathan K. Slingluff. October 2013.

20 Miles Around Shohola, Part I by Jonathan K. Slingluff. October 2013

Proyecto Fotovoz/Project Photovoice by Anne Pfister. September 2013

"Lavender Wave Installations" by Greg Patch. August 2013

"Imaginative & Otherworldly Drawings" by Jon Carling. July 2013

"Maya Resilience" by Kristina Baines. June 2013

"Realist Paintings" by Adam Vinson. May 2013

"Ultima" by Nick Pedersen. April 2013

"Collected Works" by Rachel Moore. March 2013

"A Beautiful Mess" by Jake Keeler. February 2013.

"Thorns & Sand: Exploring Southern Puerto Rico"  by Federico Cintrón-Moscoso. January 2013.

Fall.Food.Fashion by Tender Branson. December 2012.

Papua New Guinea by Alan Maschek. November 2012.

Drawing Fantastic by Jedi Wright. October 2012.

Positive Visual Attention Intervention by Joe Castro, September 2012. 

Mr. Macaque Visits Guam by the Monkey Himself, August 2012
Mr. Macaque, a distant cousin to the infamous Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay, has long enjoyed frolicking about enjoying his freedom. Born in captivity somewhere in Florida, he currently resides with his wife, Sassy, on the beautiful island of Guam. Sassy is a doctoral candidate in anthropology, in Guam working on health-related research. When he's not monkeying around, Mr. Macaque works for an on-island medical clinic doing medical information systems work. In their spare time the lovely couple enjoys hiking, snorkeling, and fishing. This is the first time Mr. Macaque has shown his photos to the public, and while he was in charge of choosing these scenic photos, Sassy, naturally, put her two cents in as well. Enjoy!

Farmer's Bounty by Wayne Miller, July 2012
It's the dog days of summer in the northeast US, and the only relief from the blazing sun are thoughts of ripe vegetables fresh from the farm. In honor of these summer treats, our July Picture Show comes by way of the rural southeastern Pennsylvania countryside, where Wayne Miller shows us some of the bounty from his farm. Epic Acre Farm is a new patch of chemical-free vegetables located in the mountainous hills overlooking the Oley Valley of Berks County, Pennsylvania. If the beautiful Oley Valley is past your roaming area, you can also check out Epic Acre on Facebook.

Paintings by Kevin Margitich, June 2012
Our June, 2012 First Friday Picture Show features the paintings of Kevin Margitich. When not working at a local newspaper, Kevin spends most of his days brewing beer, painting, and home renovating. Over the past few years, his paintings have been shown in Seattle, New Hampshire, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Hanging his hat in Philadelphia, Kevin’s most recent and upcoming shows combine his sketchy-minimal-style animal art and his homebrewed beer. This collection of paintings from 2009-2011 is best summed up in this quote: “He avoids strict realism in favor of a more compassionate, almost human expression, opting for blank, solid color backgrounds, maybe with a silhouetted tree, in lieu of his subjects’ literal habitat.” (Alicia Grega-Pikul: Electric City)You can find Kevin online at kevinmargitich.com and brewsofourlives.blogspot.com. Enjoy!

Be-ing(s) by Michelle, May 2012
The May 2012 First Friday Picture show is by our old friend Michelle. Michelle is a people photographer living in beautiful Central PA. When she's not documenting life for people, you can find her working in the garden, chasing her small herd of children, or reclaiming trash. You can see more of Michelle's work and contact her at Redheaded Ninja Photography.

Southern Reclamation by Meg Kassabaum, April 2012
Meg Kassabaum is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Originally from a family of artists in St. Louis, Missouri, her passion for photography developed while traveling and working on archaeological digs throughout the American South. The small southern towns that have served as home for various summers and semesters provided locations for exploring the intersection of nature and culture, revealing places so long established that the human constructions blend seamlessly into the landscape. In my photography, I strive to shift away from concentrating on the structures human impose upon natural places, and rather focus on the moment when nature starts to take these places back.

Lake Atitlán by Jedi Wright, March 2012
Jed is an Internet entrepreneur and Information Architect and has been studying and working professionally in the information technology, multimedia, event production, and environmental fields since 1993. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where he works as an information architect and is fully immersed in the Information Architecture (IA), User Interface (U/I), User Experience (U/X) disciplines and how they intersect with social values and sustainable practices. In his spare time, if not working on one of his other entrepreneurial pursuits, he is very actively involved with raising his son. Visit jediwright.com for more about his work and interests.

Out and About with Leigh Seddon-Slingluff, February 2012
Leigh had wanted to be a fashion designer since 8th grade, but after taking her first photography class she quickly realized that wasn't her path. There was something about being behind the camera rather than behind the curtain. Leigh shot photos wherever she could and soon began taking photos at packed concerts like Incubus, KISS, Snoop Dog, Kid Rock, and other popular bands in the early 2000s. With only 3 songs to get "the shot," nestled in front of the mosh pit, Leigh was hooked to the fast pace. With this under her belt, she moved on to opening The Slingluff Gallery with her husband Jonathan in 2008. They also run a contributor art blog called The Pine Cone Gentleman.

Life and Travels by Sequoia Rock, January 2012
Sequoia Rock is a farmer, carpenter, photographer, and spiritual master. From the small rural town of Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, Sequoia has offered us a selection of photos from his many travels in the US and abroad. You can view more of his excellent photos at his flickr page.

Antarctica by Btreotch, December, 2011
Btreotch is also a lover of music and art, and he works on a number of creative ventures. Check out some more of his photography and video work at Alan Takes Trips. Find out more about his research at his personal site here>>>

Photographs of Jonathan K. Slingluff, November 2011
Photographs by artist and gallery owner Jonathan K. Slingluff. Visit him online at The Pine Cone Gentleman or The Slingluff Gallery

Food by Tender Branson, October 2011
Photos of delicious creations by our good friend Tender Branson, purveyor of the website writeclickcooklisten.com.

Haiti by Federico Cintrón-Moscoso, September 2011

Photos of a working visit to Haiti in August of 2011 by anthropologist and photographer, Federico Cintrón-Moscoso. You can follow some of his work at his blog "Cultura de Papel" - culturadepapelfcm.wordpress.com

People of Guatemala by douglas reeser, August 2011
Photos taken by Recycled Minds columnist dooglas carl during a trip to Guatemala in August of 2011. They are candid shots of people living their daily routines, and reflect the vivid colors of Guatemala and the strength and warmth of the people that call the country their home.


Snap Shots
"Fire in the Sky"
Los Alamos Fires & New Mexico Sunset ~ june 28, 2011
photo by Btreoch ~ http://btreotch.tumblr.com/

"Heisenberg Wanted"
Santa Fe, NM ~ June 28,2011
Photo by Btreoch ~ Visit his photoblog: http://btreotch.tumblr.com/

"Give Baby Your Best"
Painting on the Health Clinic in Jalacte, Belize ~ June 2011
photo by dooglas carl for recycled minds

"Throwing Flower Bombs"
Banksy-inspired street art from Egypt ~ 2010
Thanks to Activist, Gigi Ibrahim (http://twitter.com/#!/Gsquare86)

"Sacred Worker"
 Maya Pack Horse in Jalacte, Belize, near the border with Guatemala ~ June 2011
Photo by dooglas carl for recycled minds

"Return to the Source"
Maya Day Ceremony at Tikal, Guatemala ~ October 2009
photo by dooglas carl for Recycled Minds

"Krishna Dolls"
Closeup of a Krishna Alter from a Krishna Festival in New Orleans 11-20-2010.
Photo for Recycled Minds by dooglas carl

"Look Both Ways"
Street sign warning motorists of tractor crossings, Berks County, PA 
Photo by Kevin Margitich
Check out Margitich's Art ~ http://www.kevinmargitich.com/art/Home.html

"the most important intellectual alive"
Mural of Philadelphia Native, Noam Chomsky, in the Fairmount Section of Philadelphia, PA
Photo by doog reeser for Recycled Minds. 2009

"Sho yur luv fo di Sea"
A sidewalk no-littering sign, Placencia-style, on the coast of Belize. Summer 2007
Photo for Recycled Minds by doog reeser.

"Dropping the Kids Off"
Did the ancient Maya have restrooms? An amusing painting at Los Amigos Hostel in Flores, Guatemala.
Photo for Recycled Minds by doog reeser.  October 2009

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